Company Profile


Valu Add Management Services was formed in 1993 and has developed to become a senior level advisory and consulting firm highly focused on water supply and wastewater services sector issues ranging from public policy and regulatory reform to cost-effective utility management, the achievement of financially self-sustaining utilities.

Valu Add provides expert advisory and consulting services at both the national and local government levels, as well as at the public utility level.  Having extensive experience working in over 14 different countries to include Egypt, Albania, South Africa, Lebanon, Philippines, Romania and Georgia, Valu Add can rapidly identify the key elements that result in success when approaching assignments in its fields of expertise.

Valu Add provides expert advisory services, in the form of management, operations, maintenance, and technical assistance services in the application of innovative solutions proven to increase the productivity and reduce the cost of water supply and wastewater infrastructure services.

Valu Add is also particularly skilled in building capacity in private sector participation, public awareness, training, transaction management, water sector and regulatory reform.  More recently, Valu Add has become well recognized for the unique and practical business planning and performance improvement model it has developed and applied extensively in Albania, Philippines and Lebanon, where in each case, it is the standard for business planning of water supply and wastewater utilities.

The services of Valu Add Management Services can be categorically summarized as follows:


The services that Valu Add Management Services provides are unique in that they are provided in partnership with the client’s senior management team, as an extension of that team, and not in place of it.

All of the services provided by Valu Add Management Services are focused on one over-riding objective, which is to assist the client in becoming the lowest cost, financially self-sustaining utility possible, while still satisfying the quality and service expectations of the system users.