Philip D. Giantris

Philip Giantris, (1942-2017) Former President and Owner of Valu Add Management Services

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Philip Giantris, (1942-2017) Former President and Owner of Valu Add Management Services

Mr. Giantris was a seasoned professional in the provision of policy and technical advisory services in the water wastewater and solid waste infrastructure sector. His knowledge of the key issues that define success in this sector, for government at all levels, made him, and his firm, valued advisory resources to governments such as Israel, South Africa, Romania, Lebanon, Egypt, Bosnia and Albania, as well as a number municipalities in the United States and Canada.

His reputation in the region was well known as it relates to public sector utility management, and in improving the financial performance of utilities.  Along with his many years of with water supply and sewerage utilities, he was providing overall project direction, under USAID funding, to resolve the governance issues relate to the Bushat/Shkodra Sanitary Landfill and the development of a Five-Year Business Plan and financial model to arrive at a tariff structure that will allow the Landfill Company to be financially sustainable.

Mr. Giantris was sought after, as a speaker and panelist, on the topics of cost-effective water supply and wastewater infrastructure services and alternative service delivery options. Along with leading his firm and his personal involvement on projects, he regularly taught and conducted workshops internationally on such topics as Contracting with the Private Sector for Public Services; Regulating Monopolies and Utilities; Competitive Utility Management; and Managing the Urban Environment.

Mr. Giantris was the Owner and President of Valu Add Management Services in the United States of America and Valu Add Management Services, Sh.p.k. in the Republic of Albania. He was the driving force and financial benefactor for the formation of the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania and served as it Executive Director (voluntary).

His extensive technical experience included:

  • Corporate Governance and Development
  • Management and Organizational Audits
  • Utility Strategic Business Planning
  • Utility Performance Benchmarking
  • Utility Performance Improvement
  • Utility Financial Management
  • Privatization Feasibility Studies and Transaction Management
  • Organizational and Management Restructuring
  • Training Needs Assessment and Training Program Development
  • Organizational Infrastructure and Institutional Strengthening
  • Budgeting and Capital Planning
  • Water and Wastewater Master Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance Resolution