A Brief Profile of Valu Add Professionals

Valu Add is proud of the professionals that it has developed as a part of its staff, as well as the professionals that support Valu Add in their special areas of expertise.  Please select from the menu which provides brief profiles of Valu Add staff and Consulting Associates.

Valu Add Staff:

Kristin Giantris
President and Managing Director
Ms. Giantris’ professional experience combines over 20 years of economic...
Semira Kasimati
Vice President and COO
Ms. Kasimati serves as the Vice President and chief operating Officer for ...
Esida Lekbello
Water Supply and Environmental Engineer
Ms. Lekbello is a key Water Supply and Environmental Expert under...
Daniela Gega
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Ms Gega has nearly fourteen years of accounting and financial management experience...
Fjordi Bisha
Water and Wastewater Engineer
Mr. Bisha is a talented Water and Wastewater Engineer...
Anri Dajko
Finance and Accounting Analyst
Mr Dajko has over seven years of experience in public sector and utility financial ...

Consulting Associates:

Eduard Kallajxhiu
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Mr. Kallajxhiu has over 8-years with Valu Add Management Services and during that time has participated in a wide variety of project assignments related to financial analyses, water utility business planning and performance monitoring and benchmarking program.
Albana Ferraj
Consulting Associate
Ms. Ferraj is a Senior Accounting and Finance Expert with over 15 years of experience in the field of financial management and accounting.She has applied her skills in accounting consultancy in both the public and private sector while also combined with academic activities as a lecturer of Finance and Accounting
Altin Hazizaj
Public Relation and Communication Specialist
Mr. Hazizaj has over 14 years of experience in the field of communication and public relations, working mainly with KfW projects in Albania and Kosovo. He has a broad based professional experience in dealing with pubic issues and public policy. He has provided public relations
David Mackenzie
Consulting Associate
Mr. Mackenzie is a senior level financial analyst with over 35 years of experience in a variety of strategic financial planning and structuring situations. He has provided executive advisory services to both private and public operating entities, with a strong focus in the planning, development and financing
Edmond Lekaj
Geographic Information Specialist (GIS)
Mr. Edmond LEKAJ has over 21 years of experience and combines management skills with high level knowledge of latest technologies of spatial data handling. He has thorough field mapping experience in topographic mapping dealing with all kinds of thematic information.
Radoslav Russev
Consulting Associate
Mr Russev has more than 15 years of practical, hands-on, utility management experience covering the functional areas of commercial management, financial management, planning, turn-around management, and commercial efficiency and planning experience in managing a mid– and large size water utilities.
Genti Beqiri
Consulting Associate
Genti has more than 20 years of experience in financial and project management. He had diverse work experiences in public sector, international organizations and private companies. He specializes in financial and business management, process reengineering, business planning and investment decisions
Bambos Charalambous
Consulting Associate
Mr Charalambous’ experience in the water supply and sewerage sector spans over 35 years with project experience in Europe, West Africa, Asia, United Arab Emirates and Cyprus. He has unique experience in urban water distribution network management including NRW and water loss management
Avni Dervishi
Consulting Associate
Mr Dervishi has over 25 years of progressively increasing experience in engineering and engineering management, and more recently (last ten years) in the water sector with direct experience in the areas of regulatory and senior administrative management, rate analysis and structure, and management information systems
Enkelejda Gjinali
Consulting Associate
Dr. Enkelejda Gjinali is a senior, respected professional in the provision of public policy and technical advisory services in the water sector, with particular emphasis in water sector reform, legislative and regulatory practices, utility management, commercial regulation, and private sector service provision.