Anri Dajko

Finance and Accounting Analyst

Anri Dajko, Finance and Accounting Analyst

Anri Dajko, Finance and Accounting Analyst

Mr Dajko has over seven years of experience in public sector and utility financial and budgetary analyses. Before joining Valu Add, he was a Manager in the Ministry of Finance in Albania, where he was responsible for analyzing annual budgets and expenditures of public institutions; reviews of multi-year budgetary requests to ensure an efficient management of public expenditures; and the preparation of the Annual Budget and Medium-Term Budget Programs of the entire country.

Since joining Valu Add Management Services, Mr. Dajko is responsible for all aspects of Valu Add’s consulting and advisory services related to utility financial management, where he is applying his financial skills in a variety of project assignments related to financial analyses, water utility business planning, and performance monitoring and benchmarking of water supply utilities.   In project specific areas, Mr Dajko is specialized in the collection and analysis of financial data, interpretation of data for the purpose of determining past financial performance, preparation of financial forecasts, performance of cost estimates, and resolving funding shortfalls in water supply and sewerage utilities.

Mr Dajko has very good organizational and inter-active planning skills developed by-way of his experience in assisting Albanian public institutions to build consistent and sustainable multi-year financial plans.  His past experience in activities such as negotiating budgets, setting objectives, designing expected results and ensuring alignment with national strategic priorities and multi-year financial resources required not only good financial skills, but since financial planning is a process, it also required very good organizational skills to harmonize specific activities and coordinate with a very large number of stakeholders with different levels of seniority.