Avni Dervishi

Avni Dervishi, Consulting Associate

Avni Dervishi - Consulting Associates

Avni Dervishi – Consulting Associates

Mr Dervishi has over 25 years of progressively increasing experience in engineering and engineering management, and more recently (last ten years) in the water sector with direct experience in the areas of regulatory and senior administrative management, rate analysis and structure, and management information systems as they relate to utility operations and management, as well as utility/regulatory commission inter-relationships.

Mr Dervishi served as the Chairman of Albanian National Water Regulatory Commission and Executive Director of the Water Regulatory Authority from 2006 to 2016 (two mandates).  The Authority is a public independent institution that regulates the water supply and sewerage sector in Albania to ensure protection of the public interest and to create a transparent regulatory framework relative to service quality and tariffs charged by water utilitiies.

Mr Dervishi has an excellent appreciation of the regulatory and financial management needs in the water sector, as they relate to this essential, natural monopoly public service.  His service to the Commission came during a time when Albania was undertaking significant public sector reforms that affected the water sector and required a strong knowledge of the technical and financial issues faced by water utilities, as well as excellent communication skills to address the issues at the highest levels of government.