Edmond Lekaj

Edmond Lekaj, Geographic Information Specialist (GIS)

Mr. Edmond LEKAJ has over 21 years of experience and combines management skills with high level knowledge of latest technologies of spatial data handling. He has thorough field mapping experience in topographic mapping dealing with all kinds of thematic information. He has vast experience of the complete range of photogrammetry, GPS, and GIS technology on several GIS and image processing systems. His specialities are, GIS application design and development, database and systems design, data fusion, quality control, and project management and coordination.

Through his position as former Director of the National Military Topographic Institute and Chief of the Registration Department he knows the legal frame of the Albanian administrative environment for the successful implementation of complex projects.

Besides his technical and managerial capabilities he has strong problem solving, trouble shooting abilities and is creative, motivated, hard-working, helpful and dynamic.