Enkelejda Gjinali

Enkelejda Gjinali, Consulting Associate

Enkelejda Gjinali - Consulting Associates

Enkelejda Gjinali – Consulting Associates

Dr. Enkelejda Gjinali is a senior, respected professional in the provision of public policy and technical advisory services in the water sector, with particular emphasis in water sector reform, legislative and regulatory practices, utility management, commercial regulation, and private sector service provision.  Her knowledge of the key issues that define success in this sector, for government at all levels, has made her a valued advisory resource expert in Albania and the region.  Ms Gjinali received her Bachelor of Science Degree in 1992 from the Hydro-Technical and Hydraulic Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Tirana, and in the same year she started career teaching in this Department.  She later received her Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from Ecole Supérieur d’Ingénier de Poitiers, France, and completed her research, at that time, at the one of the largest water treatment utilities in the world, Laiyonnaise des Aux, Bordeaux, France. Since then, she has continued to teach in the Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Tirana.

For more than 7 years Ms. Gjinali served as an external Water Policy Advisor to Prime Minister and has been responsible for directing the Prime Ministry’s involvement in guiding the work of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group on the transfer of all water supply and sewerage companies to local government under the Governments implementation of the decentralization laws in Albania.