Radoslav Russev

Radoslav Russev, Consulting Associate

Radoslav Russev - Consulting Associates

Radoslav Russev – Consulting Associates

Mr Russev has more than 15 years of practical, hands-on, utility management experience covering the functional areas of commercial management, financial management, planning, turn-around management, and commercial efficiency and planning experience in managing a mid– and large size water utilities.
His qualifications and experience include the following key areas:

  • Commercial Management: meter installation and testing process review and restructuring, review of billing practices and implementation of controls, collection process restructuring, and introduction of aged-debt-reports.
  • Financial Management: debt renegotiation, structuring of management accounting, introduction of activity-based costing.
  • Business and Strategic Planning: in-house annual planning (setting objectives to mid-level management), regulatory 5-year planning, investment planning and linking it to tariff modeling.
  • Internal Utility Procedures: structuring customer-service rules regarding network operations, emergency response, and planned and unplanned interruptions of supply.
  • Turn-Around and General Management: fact-findings/due diligence, concept for commercial, operations and financial improvement, and implementing performance improvement measures.